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author image by DignifiedRain | Battle Royale Review | 0 Comments | 06 Jul 2018

Mini Battlegrounds Review: Changing Expectations

The Battle Royale genre has become a major option for video game companies as it can offer hundreds of hours of competitive and cooperative gameplay for a wide range of gamers. With that said, most will agree that the genre... Read more
author image by DignifiedRain | Action Game Events | 0 Comments | 01 Jul 2018

Next up Hero! [Game Information and Key Giveaway]

Dear Gamers and Streamers, Grab yourself a friend before jumping head first into this perma-death, fast-paced, action slashing Gauntlet Crawler called Next Up Hero! Note: This is NOT our review of this title; Down2Earth broadcasters will be spending the next few... Read more
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D2E Network : New Featured Content

Welcome to the Broadcast! We are preparing our new weekly podcast and instructional video tutorial series hosted by DignifiedRain, featuring the Down2Earth Broadcaster group and partnered broadcasters LIVE on Wednesdays from10:00 am 12:00 PM PST. Our live video footage available…

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