Mini Battlegrounds Review: Changing Expectations

The Battle Royale genre has become a major option for video game companies as it can offer hundreds of hours of competitive and cooperative gameplay for a wide range of gamers. With that said, most will agree that the genre is overdone and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find unique renditions of the genre! We were pleasantly surprised to find that Mini Battlegrounds takes a new and extremely fun approach to Battle Royale.

Mini Battlegrounds has been developed and produced by IOA Games. Although IOA Games has created a few small titles, this is the first of their games launched internationally. Before we continue to give our unadulterated feedback, it is important to note that during the time this article is being written, Mini Battlegrounds is still in Early Access.  Our review and opinion of the title are subject to change and we encourage our readers to consider these facts as you continue.

What is Mini Battlegrounds?

Mini Battlegrounds Logo
At first glance, Mini Battlegrounds appears to be a comical-cartoon styled game based on the ever-popular Battle Royale genre. Hidden behind a comical blocky world of murder and mayhem, Mini Battlegrounds offers a unique isometric 2.5D view with simple WASD movement and 360-degree point and click controls. Whether a casual gamer or hardcore pro, you will find this game easy to pick up, yet difficult to master.

Mini Battlegrounds is a multiplayer last-man-standing battle royale [game] full of adrenaline-packed combat… – IOA Games

When entering a game you are instantly spawned into a blocky town with 6 to 50 other players and your fight to be the last player standing begins! Equipment such as armor, weapons, and additional items are available throughout the map to enhance your survivability. Uniquely, weapon attachments such as scopes, silencers, magazines, etc do more than what you might expect. For example, a combat sight for your rifle does not increase your characters view-able range, instead, it might offer boosted damage, critical chance, or even armor penetration. If guns, grenades, and machetes aren’t enough you can hop in one of several vehicles scattered throughout the map to partake in some vehicular manslaughter.

A glimpse of mayhem on the battlefield.

What are the negatives?

We feel it important to note that with IOA Games both developing and producing their own title, it seems that the advertisement, or lack thereof, for the game is its greatest drawback. In short, the current player base is very low, and at times there are not enough players to even get into a match. That being said, efforts are being taken by IOA Games, partnered streamers and content creators to boost the games player base.

Another gripe is the lack of any type of system/game configuration options which means players are locked into a standard resolution with no options to improve performance or graphics of the game. While we feel this is an important addition to any game, at the very least you can make the game full screen by pressing ALT + ENTER while in game.

What do we think overall?

Mini Battlegrounds is definitely a hidden gem amongst its genre. It came as quite a surprise that we found Mini Battlegrounds to be a nostalgically outrageous time! Getting a few friends together for some quick matches, reminded us of classic days filled with couch co-op action. We can’t help but reminisce about the days when we would sit together fragging each other on old-school shooter games.

The player base is deathly-low, likely to change in the upcoming weeks as IOA continues to host giveaways and cast media around the game. We suggest getting in the game before it becomes mainstream! Mini Battlegrounds is an absolute riot, vehicular manslaughter, well-timed grenades, machete duels and pistol warfare are just some of the hilariously funny ways you can get slaughtered in Mini Battlegrounds.

For such an early title, we’ve noticed that the bugs are fairly minimal and do not contain anything game stopping. Latency can be an issue now and then, otherwise, very minimal bugs. We hope that you will give this game a chance to reveal its potential and hidden gem qualities.

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