Over the last decade, we have gamed relentlessly together under the name Down2Earth.


Down2Earth Motto:


“Our community was founded on the promise to provide a safe, exciting, and competitive environment for all gamers. We dedicate our time, money, and efforts into making this mission possible so we can share it with you! Our efforts are always governed by the principles of honor, respect, teamwork, responsibility, accountability, and honesty.”

Our logo was designed to resemble various aspects of our community. The three bands that surround the planet represent Down2Earths virtues. The planet itself represents our humble origins and the roots of our family’s beginning.

The Band of Honor, The Band of Integrity, The Band of Unity.
These three bands bind together and protect our communities foundation; our family and our home.



It all started when we were just teenagers on the internet. We’d both wanted to build a refuge for kids like us, the ordinary oddball. Together we built a community, a network of friends, and ultimately a new group to call our family.

I won’t burden you with my life story or anything of my upbringing; just know that for me, family, means more to me than anything.

…And that’s what Down2Earth is for me, it’s my family.

Within weeks of us meeting on a match of Counterstrike, I distinctly remember it being Adam’s younger brother as the one to actually introduce us, with the help of this new friend, and of course with the help of my periodic input, we had things up and running!

I hit the books hard, I had plenty of challenges along the way, learning to code was a huge pain!

So far, it’s been worth it, most of the best days in my life have happened when I was surrounded by this family” 


“I started out as a casual PC gamer who played a ton of Garry’s Mod and Counter-Strike. After a few years of gaming alone or with friends I made in school, I was introduced to Alex (DignifiedRain) through my younger brother. I had no idea what this new found friendship would turn into!

After a short time of gaming together and making new friends, Down2Earth was formed. It quickly became a home away from home for me. For the past 10 or so years, D2E has consisted of some of my closest friends and first picks for battle!

Down2Earth has become my family, and we decided it was time to share it with the world!

We have decided to put all of our skills and passion into building a Community that we can all be proud to be a part of.”